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Primary The Ruling Class

Does it seem to you like there is something really wrong with our government?

Does it seem odd that, even though the Republicans have a majority in the House and Senate, and now there is a Republican President, yet, still nothing gets done?

Do you feel like government is no longer listening to the will of the people?

Well….you’re right.

In his book “It’s Not About Donkeys And Elephants – Branding The Real Enemy”  StressFreeBill has not only identified the problem, called out the players, and explained the issues, he has also laid out a plan to start fixing the problem.

This plan involves you and me.  Normal average Americans who want to see America return to limited government and conservative values.  It is time the silent majority stopped being so silent.  

Here is a quick video, please keep reading below.

Each and every one of us, no matter how rich or how poor, no matter how influential or isolated, and no matter whether young or old can make a difference for the future of our country. This starts with cutting off the political heads of professional politicians and returning power back to the people – and the way we do this is through primary elections nationwide. Watch the video below to learn how each and every one of us can do our part by becoming an Independent Affiliate (member) of Primary the Ruling Class.

If you head over to the PrimaryTheRulingClass.com site to sign up, make sure you tell them MEANDEAN sent you!

Still not convinced?

I get it.  You feel like one person can’t make a difference.  You don’t have enough time.  No one listens.




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